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On Saturday 23rd July 2016, CJ and I fly to and land in Chicago, to begin our road trip adventure. We will be in the USA for 22 days before we fly home from San Francisco. Our planned route (above) is about 3000 miles and will take us along the majority of what remains of the famous Route 66, the Highway of America, The Mother Road.

Along the route we have planned a visit to the Grand Canyon and a short detour to Las Vegas for a couple of nights.

After we reach the Santa Monica pier, which marks the end of Route 66, we travel up to Yosemite National Park where we will cross the Sierras through Yosemite on the way to San Francisco. While in San Fran, we have booked an Alcatraz tour and intend to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge. We have booked a total of four hotels for this trip so we hope to find lodging as we go or at worst, sleep in the car although I really hope it doesn’t come to this.

I intend to publish a new post every day with a map showing our progress but this depends on my ability to find a decent enough network connection.


[osm_map_v3 map_center=”35.703,-104.43″ zoom=”5″ width=”100%” height=”450″ file_list=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/r66.gpx” file_color_list=”red”]


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