Day 2: Another Hot Day in the Windy City

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Woke up early this morning, still jet lagged I think, at around 4am. Stayed in bed until about 6.00am when I grabbed my phone and did some browsing, we have really good internet in the hotel, 140mb down which pleases CJ  who woke up soon after. We decided to go down to smoke and as it was pretty cool at this time in the morning  we took a stroll along Michigan Avenue. We stopped at a breakfast place called the Yolk and had a really good but fairly expensive breakfast.  By the time we had finished, it had begun to get hot even though it was still only around 8am, so we walked back to the hotel to take advantage of the air conditioning and to work out what to do.

Eventually we decided to go for a drive round the city, this would give me some more driving experience and allow us to get out of the hotel but the air con in the car would mean we were out of the heat. Again, I drove, I find it OK actually, everyone drives so slowly here you have plenty of time to work out whats going on although I still feel weird turning right when a red light is showing. We drove through Chinatown and eventually found a large park called Douglas Park. There were a couple of Soccer matches going on so we watched for a while and  Yes! I called it Soccer! We walked round the park which, it turned out had a pretty big pond although the signs had directed us to a ‘Lagoon’.

Once we returned to the car, we headed off to another USA must visit location, a WallMart Supercenter for some supplies including lots of bottled water. It wasn’t as large as I expected, probably about as big as Sturry Asda but we managed to get everything we needed.

We returned to the hotel and chilled out for a bit and I watched the end of a Oregon State vs Arizona State game which was actually a really good game.

I didn’t expect Chicago to be so hot! We walked the other direction up Michigan Ave towards a retail district and pretty soon I was dripping with sweat. Although there was a nice bit of wind today, the heat is so intense its more like a hot wind but it wasn’t as hot as yesterday and at least we had water with us and we soon realised that it was a good idea to pop into shops to cool down. Things are quite expensive in Chicago so I didnt buy anything and also being a 49ers fan I couldn’t exactly buy any Bears merch. We got caught in another sudden rain downpour but managed to take shelter under the awning of a building and it was actually quite refreshing it didn’t last long and we looped back around to Millennium Park where we saw the giant bean.

Back at the hotel again and I can hear thunder so another storm is approaching.

Update: Holy shit that was one hell of a thunderstorm!

Mileage Total: 38 miles

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  1. Hi Guys, love the blog. very interesting. I will continue to read in Florida. It freaks me out the turning on a red light. Also if I remember when getting gas you pull up go in and pay and then go back to the car and fill up. Is that still correct ? Florida is full of tolls on the roads, gets on your nerves really but hey ho there you go. Love the food choice. Keep safe and drive safe, Chris

    1. Post

      From the looks of the ones we have passed so far and the advice of the couple we spoke to most of them have card swipes at the pump. I expect some rural ones to be different.

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