Day 3: Just popping out for breakfast….

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Last full day in Chicago today and again it begun with an early wake up at around 7.30am. We headed out to get some breakfast at a place a few blocks away called Meli Cafe where we both had eggs, bacon and toast. The cafe had some table and chairs out on the sidewalk so requested a table outside so we could watch the Monday morning city hustle and bustle while it was still cool out.

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk and we ended up walking all the way up to Lincoln Park where we chatted to a guy who said he lived in the park and had previously been in a coma for the last 90days.  He seemed like a nice guy but we didnt hang around for too long.

We walked back in the direction of the hotel, trying as best we could to walk in the shade. Every now and again we would use our trick of going to shops to cool down.  We tried to head back to Millennium Park again as we were starting to get hungry again but ended up in and adjacent park called Maggie Daley Park which is a small park with sculpted walkways, climbing walls and mini golf. We found a row of benches in the shade and rested for a bit when a couple approached the bench next to us.  The guy looked over and commented to CJ that he hadn’t seen anyone wear an Anthrax T-Shirt for  long time. Although CJ professes to not be good at small talker, this proceeded into a about a half hour conversation with the couple, who we learned were named Sam and Diane, about music, travel, sports, their children and politics. We took the opportunity  to inquire about proper ‘bill paying’ techniques and how to fill up with gas at the gas stations which were some topics we have been struggling with for the couple of days we have been here so far. They were a lovely couple and this brings me on to one of the most surprising aspects of Chicago, everyone is so friendly. Walking around  in the morning we get plenty of ‘Good Mornings’, smiles or ‘Hellos’.

We stopped in near the Buckingham fountain and got some pizza which we sat and ate in a shaded picnic area.

Back at the hotel now for a rest after walking approximately 10miles. Will probably have an early night tonight so we are ready to check out of the hotel and leave Chicago as we begin the first day of the driving phase of this vacation where we head to Springfield, IL.

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