Day 4: Go West

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Today we traded the sky scrapers of Chicago for the corn fields, farms and the open road as we headed for Springfield, Illinois.

We started the day at a diner called Lou Mitchell’s which is a Route 66 themed restaurant that pride themselves as being a place that provides hearty meals for weary travelers who have done the route west to east. The meals we had (eggs and sausage) were definitely hearty and pretty tasty. We returned to the hotel, packed our bags and checked out.

The traffic in Chicago was really heavy at this time so we carefully picked our way through as it thinned out until we were virtually alone as far as you could see.

CJ took his turn at the wheel today and was doing well for the first 10 minutes then he decided to pull out in front of an 18 wheeler and unused to an automatic, didnt have the acceleration that he expected causing the truck to blast us with its horn. He claims it wasnt as close as I thought it was and that he needed to get used to the car. I just would rather he didnt do it in front of a huge juggernaut. I took over again after a while and did most of the driving today, which suits me as I prefer driving to being a passenger.

As the day drew on we stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and I looked on my phone for a hotel for the night. I found one called Route 66 Hotel and Conference which as the name would suggest, is Route 66 themed hotel. There are old cars and bikes and various americana dotted around the place with two long corridors with loads of really kitchy stuff in cabinets and on the walls.

While we searched for our room we met two australian ladies who were also driving the route, also looking for their rooms. They explained to us that they had been in an accident and also had a speeding ticket for 75mph in a 40mph zone and that they were heading to the bar. We dumped out bags and also headed to the bar to get some food. The aussie girls were already there along with some locals and the bartender who was named Tom. We had a drink, chatted to everyone then returned to an outside area near our room to eat, fried chicken and fries.

Total Mileage: 248 miles

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  1. Good job boys, but don’t forget to ask those Australian ladies where they might be stopping next… because it might be a nice hotel ? lol

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