Day 5: Shoe Carnival

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After a poor nights sleep, I am starting to wonder if I will ever sleep well on this trip, I got up and went to the lobby to try and get yesterdays blog post to publish. The hotels WIFI was pretty poor where our room was and last night I was was having trouble uploading the photos. This morning I couldnt access the site on the WIFI at all, the site was up but I couldnt reach it for some reason so in the end I published the post on my phone which broke the picture gallery. While I was doing this CJ headed out to visit a gym that was free for hotel guests and soon met me in the hall for some breakfast which today consisted of a bowl of Cheerios and Fruit Loops (vile). Due to the intense heat of the previous few days we had been changing clothes more regularly than usual so we took advantage of the laundry facilities and did some washing which I had been advised takes about 30mins. While we waited I went for a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool. The laundry took at least 1hr30 which meant we were late checking out and seemed to annoy the cleaning staff who were waiting to get into our room.

As we drove into Springfield the previous day we had spotted a large domed Whitehouse looking building and I learnt that Spingfield is actually the Illinois state capital and the building was the state capital building. We stopped for some photos before we headed to get gas (thats what they call petrol out here). We filled up with about half a tank of gas which cost $17 which is about £12, luckily it was an easy process and just involved a card swipe at the pump.

We set off for today’s drive with CJ at the wheel and soon ran into another thunderstorm and at times the rain was very heavy, CJ coped well and redeemed himself after nearly killing us yesterday. We drove for a time and CJ started to get tired so we swapped over, until he got super excited because he spotted a store name ‘Shoe Carnival’ and made me pull in to check it out, I wasn’t sure why he was so excited but thats CJ. It turned out to be a decent shoe store and I actually wanted to buy two different pairs of sneakers (trainers 😉  ) but it seemed that for some reason they didn’t stock a single pair of shoes in my size so no carnival for me. We popped into a Walmart and got some lunch and snacks and CJ finally found a hat he liked.

Did you know bamboo grows 4 feet a day? We downloaded a quiz app to keep us occupied during the drive.

Today was a low mileage day which was lucky because of our late departure so soon we approached St Louis and pulled over to find a hotel for the night. Due to St Louis being a big city the prices were higher so we settled for a hotel called Sleep Inn at a place called O’Fallon on the outskirts of St Louis. It is a Travelodge type place, quite basic, but the room is decent with good WIFI, a small pool and gym and free breakfast but no aussie girls.

CJ has gone for a walk so he can listen to some thrash music and probably get away from me for a bit which seems to be a good idea because yesterday we had a couple of tense moments after 4days in each other company. No arguments but neither of us normally spends this much time another person and this morning we did our own thing and the rest of the day was better. I think I will go for a swim and do a few thousand lengths in the tiny pool.

Speaking of music, we have just been listening to the radio so far, either ‘Oldies’ or ‘Rock’ which have had a good selection of mostly 80s which suits us both, except when CJ sneaks it onto the Religious station until I notice.

Tomorrow we leave Illinois and travel across our first state line into Missouri and head almost the entire way across to the second Springfield of our journey, this one Springfield, Missouri.

Update: CJ messaged me while on his walk to say he had discovered Fireflies. I went out and met him and after crossing a railway we were in and open field which had loads of Fireflies everywhere. It was pretty cool to see them but unfortunately difficult to photograph.

Total Mileage: 364 miles


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