Day 7: We are not in Kansas anymore

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These blog posts are getting hard to write, I guess it is because of so many miles on the road. We didnt have anything planned today so after breakfast we left Springfield, Missouri, with Oklahoma City as our destination. The roads today were fantastic and seemed to change around every turn from long straight ‘see for miles’ to up and down windy with lots of rusty old truss bridges.

After a couple of hours driving we crossed into Kansas and drove through some interesting towns such as one called Galena. We stopped at a bridge that crossed the Spring River took some photographs and met a young guy called Bill from Philiadelphia, who was also driving the route, he gave us some tips on what to expect the further west we go.

We were not in Kansas for long before we crossed another state line and into Oklahoma. The roads continued to be amazing, the scenery and terrain changing all the time. We stopped for lunch at an Arby’s and after which, as is the norm now, CJ took over the driving although today there was no thunderstorm. I started reading a guide book I had bought previously and found that the worlds tallest totem pole was a mere 4miles away so we turned away for the route and went to check it out. It was a 90ft totem pole. We took some snaps and visited the gift shop. We took off again and our next stop was Tulsa and was about two thirds of todays trip and just before we arrived I took over the driving.

We drove on but it started getting late and we still had 100 miles to go but I had already booked our hotel for the night so as Route 66 was mostly highway we decided to switch to Google Maps and go direct to the hotel via the faster Interstate.

Not too much interesting to write about today but the pictures should be good. We drove approximately 320 miles which is the second longest drive we have to do.

Total Mileage: 959 miles

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      Hi Kirsty
      I used Google Earth to painstakingly trace the route and the export to a GPX. I then used an app called OSMMaps which allows you to import A GPX file, this allowed us to follow the route I had prepared instead of the quickest route as most satnavs would suggest. If we just needed to find the hotel we would switch back to Google Maps and get a direct route to the hotel.

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