Day 8: Show me the way to…..

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Today it was my turn to do some faffing. Despite getting up early and leaving CJ sleeping I decided I wanted to go for a swim and eventually CJ was left waiting for me. We still got going at a good time and after filling up with gas ($25 = £19) we set off. The roads were fairly boring and pretty bad for most of the driving today.I drove until about 2pm when we stopped for lunch at a Taco Bell. A bit further up the street was the route 66 museum so we pulled in for a visit. The museum was a collection of old buildings set up as the would have been when they were in use. It was alright but we didn’t stay long and soon we were back on the road.

CJ took over again and eventually we crossed the state border and into our fifth state, Texas. Not long after the scenery changed again and became very flat and you could see for miles in all directions. Its pretty crazy to look out and know that there is nothing for hundreds of miles, especially knowing that this is the farthest away from the coast that I have ever been. We passed through some almost deserted towns.

I took over the driving again and the route eventually disappeared and became I-40 so I could put my foot and we arrived in Amarillo. We went to a Mall which was a bit like Bluewater but all one floor, I hate Bluewater so I was glad to leave so we grabbed some take out from the food court and brought it back to the motel. I am not keen on Amarillo, it seems pretty busy as the town seems to be built around the the Interstate, it might be just the area we are in but I will be glad to see the way out of Amarillo.

I am pretty knackered today and I can fell myself getting ratty so I might turn in early. I am looking forward to a day off from driving, but that doesnt come until day 13 so we were considering leaving the route for a day and beeline for the next hotel just so was can relax and chillout for a bit.

Total Mileage: 1249 miles

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