Day 11: The Grandest of Canyons

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Today we had a day off from travelling and had planned to take a trip to the Grand Canyon which was a couple of hundred miles north, which doesnt seem much to us now. We had a relaxing morning, after breakfast I sat on the terrace and read for a bit and CJ went for a trek in the woods. It was a lovely sunny morning with a slight breeze, the first day we have experienced that hasnt been intense heat all day. We needed to do some laundry today and were given a tip from the owner of the lodge that there was a laundry place in town where we could leave our stuff and pick it up later.

Almost as soon as we left, the skies opened up and we drove through a downpour which meant we were slowed from 65mph which is the speed limit to around 45mph because of poor visibility and standing water on the road. About half way into the journey the rain stopped and the skies cleared and by the time we arrived at the canyon it was hot and sunny again.

The Grand Canyon itself was pretty amazing because of the scale but theres not a lot to write about, I am sure you have all seen photos of it before, if you haven’t, think of Bishopstone Glen but much bigger.

As we walked back to the car, the rain started again and there was thunder and lightning. The rain was really heavy and we were hungry so we stopped at a Wendy’s for lunch. CJ ordered something and was asked if he wanted the salad with it, he replied in the affirmative but was then told it didnt come with salad. We were both slightly confused and he ended up ordering something. I kept it simple and ordered a burger. CJ ended up getting just a salad and fries, he seemed pretty pissed but he loves a salad so I dont think he was really. The burger was alright, it tasted like a whopper. While we were in there CJ got chatting to a guy about politics, he seemed like a bit of a nutjob and had some unusual opinions regarding EMPs and Soviet aggression, he was also a Trump supporter.

We went back to to the laundry place and invented a new game we could play with the car. When you lock a car with a remote out here it does a quick sharp blast on the horn. If you repeatedly press the lock button on the remote, it does repeated blasts of the horn. We were standing away from the car and when ever someone walked near it we would keep pressing the button and make the horn blast. Nobody seemed to notice but we thought it was hilarious.

Viva Las Vegas tomorrow.


Total Mileage: 2204 miles

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