Day 12: Viva Las Vegas

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The day started off grey and overcast and soon it was raining again and then soon there was another thunderstorm. We had breakfast and after talking with Wendy the owner, we packed the car and left Abineue Lodge.  We had a four hour, 250 mile drive ahead of us to Las Vegas and for the first hour or so it was pretty heavily raining. Once we got out of the rain it gradually got warmer and clearer until we ran into another rain storm. This one was worse than the previous one and the rain was so heavy people were pulling over onto the hard shoulder because visibility was so poor.  We drove through the storm and again it quickly cleared and got hotter, and hotter, and hotter. We reached the Hoover Dam and it was 40 degrees. We pulled off the interstate to go to the dam and just like the the Grand Canyon it was teaming with tourists and took us a while to find somewhere to park. The Dam was impressive as a feat of engineering and even the bridge above it that the interstate runs on was impressive. We walked half way across the dam figuring that the other half would be pretty much the same before we walked backed to the car and set off again.

We rounded a corner and we saw Las Vegas on the horizon. As we approached the traffic increased and we almost got into a fender bender as two 5 lane highways merged together. The sat nav took as round to the back of the strip to our hotel which was good because traffic on the strip was hellish. The hotel is Circus Circus and we werent sure what it would be like as it is quite away off from the main strip. As we approached we noticed a shabby motel next to the parking lot and  CJ commented that at least we werent staying there.

Vegas got me as soon as I checked in when I was told our room was in the motel across the street and I could upgrade for $11 a night. I took the upgrade and we were given a room on the 31st floor. We dumped our bags and set off for the strip.

Vegas is a strange place, its super hot here, and there lots of people. There are huge malls every couple of blocks, people giving out flyers and bums. Oh and Casinos. We ended up walking through the casinos just to keep cool. The casinos have mostly video slot machines and craps tables and blackjack, I havent seen any Roulette yet. We played a few of the video slot machines but they seem pretty boring to me, it seems the only twist to them is you can play multiple lines, sometimes up to 100 lines. There is nothing like the old fruit machines that I used to play where you would get nudges and features. Give me a Road Hog any day.

We had White Castle for dinner, this is the same as any fast food burger place such as McDonalds except that the burgers are smaller. With the standard combo meal you get 4 burgers.

We walked the entire length of the strip and back which is about 4 miles I think so after the long drive today and the walk I am feeling pretty tired. We returned to the hotel but will probably go back down later and hopefully it will be cooler.

Update: We ventured out again once the sun went down, my feet were still aching from the earlier walk so I stayed in the hotel Casino and CJ walked back up the strip. I played some slots and won $25 which is not bad for 1cent slots, I played some Roulette but didnt win anything.

Total Mileage: 2393 miles

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  1. Hi Jon. My Day 6 in Florida. Enjoying the blog. Been 100 degrees some days although overcast today so getting a nice rest from the heat. My issues have been shoes. Bought 2 pairs for holiday. And both have given me blisters. Bought flip flops to allow blisters to heal and now balls of feet hurt. On a plus side Aircon in car has a function that blows cold air up ya bum through the seat. Been out to eat a couple of times and it’s just far too much food. We done most of Disney now. Going Kennedy Space Centre next Monday with the son (no girls
    Allowed) so really looking forward to that. Taken ages to get into USA time. Been up too early. But hey how. We is on holiday……

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