Day 13: Pinball Lizard

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Las Vegas is not my kind of town. It is hot, really busy and I dont really gamble so today we decided to do non Vegas stuff. We slept late this morning and neither of us got up before 10am and when we did we found that it was grey and overcast outside and by the time we got down to the lobby, it was raining but only a light drizzle and it was still over 25 degrees. I wasnt aware that it rained in Las Vegas. Breakfast wasn’t included with our hotel stay so we decided to find a diner somewhere off the strip to eat and I found a place called ‘The Egg and I’. The place was very busy and we had to wait for a bit to be seated but when we did CJ had Eggs Benny and I had Eggs and Bacon.

After breakfast we set off to visit the Pinball Hall of Fame which was located about 10 minutes off the strip. It was a large warehouse building filled with not just pinball machines but old video games such as Space Invaders, Defender, Frogger etc and other games such as air hockey which were all playable for 25c, 50c, or 75c. I saw and played a few pinball machines that I remembered playing years ago and also plenty that i had never played. I even played Apollo 13 which has a 13 ball multiball, which I had only played previously on PinMame. CJ and I had a couple of games of air hockey and he beat me in both games. This place was a lot of fun and I am really glad we visited.

We left the Pinball place and headed away from Las Vegas and into the desert towards a place called The Valley Of Fire. It was just over and hour away and as we approached the area started getting hilly either side of the road until we rounded a bend and were presented with a truely martian landscape. Huge outcroppings of red sandstone dotted the landscape that date back to the time of the dinosaurs. The Valley of Fire is the oldest national park in Nevada and because it is a national park there is a cost of $10 to enter but it meant that paved roads weaved their way through the park which was fortunate because we were wholly unprepared to be walking about because we had forgotten the sun cream and even though it was still slightly cloudy, as soon as the sun pokes through the cloud it doesnt take much to burn. It was now around 30 degrees.

We drove round the park which in itself was brilliant as the road flowed through the rock formations, getting out occaisionally to walk round them. There was one that had petroglyphs drawn by the ancient people who inhabitated the area. The place was stunning, more so, in my opinion, than the Grand Canyon, partly because we were in it and partly because there were far less tourists and in some cases the place was completely silent.

We drove back to Las Vegas and had decided to eat at an Italian restaurant called The Olive Garden which is a chain restaurant like Prezzos. CJ had a bit of a bromance with the server who was named Nathan, he was a very good server and so was the food.

I woke up this morning wishing we hadnt bothered coming to Las Vegas as yesterday was more than enough for me and because I enjoyed the quiet and peacefullness of Flagstaff the previous day but I ended up having a great day partly because it was far cooler and partly because we avoided most of Las Vegas.

Tomorrow we leave for a place called Hesperia which is our second AirBnB property on the way to LA.

Total Mileage: 2504 miles

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