Day 14: California

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Not much has happened today and the only photos I took were of my breakfast. After we woke, CJ got up and went to the gym while I stayed in the hotel room and tried to get yesterdays blog post to publish. For some reason I keep having problems accessing the site. Most of the time I can get to the site until I start uploading the photos and then it just times out. Once CJ returned we packed out stuff and checked out.

We drove for about 40mins to get clear of Vegas before we stopped at another casino called Whiskey Pete’s that housed a IHOP which is a massive chain restaurant that specialise in serving breakfast. CJ had French toast with strawberries and banana and I had a combo which consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage and shredded potato and a slightly smaller portion of French toast with strawberries and banana. It was very tasty but we both ate too much and felt very full and sleepy.

We set off and after a while we crossed our final state line into California. The landscape was mostly flat and open through the Mojave desert with cacti and scrub so not very appealing and pretty boring and CJ fell asleep for a bit. Once we got to Barstow we picked up Route 66 again although we did miss a fair chunk of it because we took the quicker I-15. We were not on the route for long before we headed off to a town called Hesperia which seems to be a suburb of Victorville which in itself is not a huge town. Hesperia is the location of our second Airbnb rental and the property is in a location where the land is split up into half acre plots and the property is on one of these plots.

As we arrived Chessee waved us over to out parking space and as we got out we were greeted by Bonnie and Clyde, her two collies. The apartment is pretty nice and has one large bed, CJ is on the Futon tonight a huge closet room and a large bathroom and also a remote controlled fountain. It feels like they are going for a peaceful, zen vibe here as there is the fountain, windchimes and spinny wind things, its nice but the windchimes havent stopped since we got here and are a bit much. Chessee’s husband Mike came over and introduced himself to us and later both CJ and I chatted to Chessee’s father Paul. It was mid afternoon by this time so it was seriously hot out, about 40¬†degrees, so I sat the room and finished off yesterdays blog post while CJ stood in some shade and called his folks.

Once it cooled down slightly we drove to a nearby mall in Victorville and had a wander round, ive said before that I hate malls but there was nothing else to do that was inside. We ate some nasty food court food and returned back to the apartment. Its 9pm now and about 30 degrees but there is a nice cool breeze and I am sitting outside the room, drinking a blueberry lemonade and writing this post.

We leave in the morning and head to LA. It is not a particularly long drive so we have decided to take a detour through Angeles National Forest to make it a bit more interesting.

Total Mileage: 2752 miles

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