Day 15: End of the Road

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Today we were woken by the resident rooster at the Airbnb property we stayed in. I got up and went to sit outside while CJ stayed in bed. I met Paul outside and asked him where we could go for a healthy breakfast, he was busy with his morning and said he would return which he did along with a plate of bananas and fresh homegrown figs. Apart from a fig roll I had never tried a fig before and it was pretty nice and gladly there were no wasps inside. Later he brought us out some fresh coffee. Airbnb came good for us again.

We sorted our shit out and left the property. We decided to have our healthy breakfast at a diner called Molly Brown’s and we both had the scrambler combo which was scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns and toast. Healthy tomorrow.

We got gas again and set off for LA taking the scenic route through the Angeles mountains. Soon the desert was replaced with tall pine trees and the road wound its way towards the mountains. We increased our elevation until we were at around 2500m and the roads continued to curve around the mountains for over an hour. It was an amazing drive and the views were breathtaking and we stopped numerous times for photos. As we began our decent we were presented with a view of LA in the distance.

Driving in LA is hell, almost as bad as Vegas. When we hit the city we ran into traffic and there are so many interchanges it is hard to know if we were on the road that the satnav was telling us to be on. We glimpsed the ‘Hollywood’ sign in the distance and after a couple of misturns and some good ‘eyes on swivel’ teamwork we made it to Santa Monica pier which is the end of Route 66. I think we both felt a sense of achievement for completing route 66 and although we didnt drive the entire road we drove a significant portion of it.

I didnt realise how excited I would be to see the ocean again, I was more excited than I have been on any other part of the journey. The beach and pier were really busy it being a sunny Saturday afternoon and we walked to the end of the pier and looked out over the wide expanse of blue sea. We went down onto the beach and strolled along the waters edge for about a mile before we turned round and returned to the car where I changed into my swimming shorts. I went for a swim and CJ walked further up the beach. The water was lovely and cool and I had fun jumping in the waves.

We returned to the car and set off to find the motel, Jerrys Motel. It is situated in downtown LA, its a smallish room but seems decent enough. After getting changed we headed back out to a place called Pershing Square where we had heard that the band Kansas were doing a free gig. After a 15min walk we located the area and heard the band playing. We grabbed some Cali-dogs from a food van which were hotdogs with coleslaw and crisps on top, bit weird but they tasted good. We watched the rest of the gig and then walked back to the motel.

So thats the end of Route 66, but fear not faithful reader, it is not the end of our journey. Tomorrow we stay in LA but then we continue to San Francisco so stay tuned for more posts.

Total Mileage: 2891 miles

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