Day 16: Jon’s Star Tour

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For the first time since we arrived, CJ woke up before me and was out side when I woke. I got up and joined him, as we had a day in LA today, he went back and I went for a stroll round town. I bought some coffees and returned to the hotel. Once we were both sorted, we jumped in the car and headed to Grand Central Market in Downtown LA. Grand Central Market is a large building chocked full of eateries. The place was really busy and the queues were ridiculous, we picked out breakfast mainly due to the length of the queue and had egg, bacon and tomato sandwiches and coffee. After breakfast we wandered around downtown for a while before it began to get hot again so we retreated to the car to cool down.

We decided to just do a tour of LA in the car today so I set up a bunch of waypoints in the satnav and we set off. Our first stop was the Griffith Observatory which provided great views of the city and also a sciencey museum explaining about the sun and planets. From there we headed back down the hill and onto Hollywood Boulevard, which had a lot of traffic both foot and vehicular so as we crawled along, we got to see everything we would have had we been on foot but in lovely A/C. At the end of Hollywood Boulevard we headed back up the hill to drive round the Hollywood Hills and Mulholland Drive which are great windy roads. After we descended we drove along Sunset Boulevard and then onto Beverley Hills and then out of the city towards Malibu. The road to Malibu is called the Pacific Coast Highway and as we were heading north, we had the the mountains on our right and the Pacific Ocean on our left.

We had decided to drive to Malibu and get something to eat but the only main road is the highway so our only option was restaurants on our right as it was impossible to do a U-turn across the highway and as it was a sunny Sunday evening, even pulling off to the right side of the road was extremely difficult. We pulled into an Italian restaurant and looked at the menu and the starters cost the same as our entire meals in places we had eaten so far. We should have realised when we pulled into the car park and parked next to Porsches and Mercs. We carried on looking and it began to dawn on us that the sheer quantity of Lambos and Ferraris we had spotted and the $20 parking costs meant that restaurants in this area was probably a bit more upmarket than what we were looking for.

Eventually we found a small Italian Pizza place called Rocco’s which mainly did takeout but also had a couple of tables inside and outside. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and I for dessert I ordered a Cannoli (it was called a ‘Holy Cannoli’), mainly because thats what they order in the Sopranos.

Once we had eaten we drove back to LA and our motel.


Total Mileage: 2986 miles


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