Day 17: Wild Wild West

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Another long drive ahead of us today, 350 miles, so we got up early and set off. We had some complimentary muffins from the motel and we got some coffee from starbucks which we ate and drank  while we drove. We made a pitstop at Walmart for more bottled water and while CJ used the restroom I chatted to a guy outside and got asked to ‘hook a brother up…’ with spotted dick and custard which was his favourite pudding apparently.

We drove for about an hour and we had finally left LA and found a town nearby that had an IHOP so we pulled in for a proper breakfast. CJ had crepes with banana and nutella and I had crepes stuffed with hammy, cheesey, scrambled egg. Mine were not that nice.

We drove on and soon we were in the desert again with mountains surrounding us in the distance in all directions. We stopped and swapped over regularly today because we knew we had a lot of miles to cover in the heat. As the mountains ahead of us closed in the desert was replaced with green irrigated fields and soon trees and forest. The views again were spectacular and as we neared our destination we drove past a huge blue lake called Mono Lake which looked like an oasis.

The mountains were tight on both sides of the road now and as the road wound through them we located out motel for the night. The place is called Virginia Springs Settlement and is a small cluster of log cabins, chalets and even some covered wagons set in the curve of a bend in the road.  It is a really cool little place that is wild west themed and our cabin has old photos of wild west stuff.

Just back up the road is a side road for a historic ghost town called Bodie so we drove up there which again was a really good drive on some really curvy roads until the tarmac eneded and the last five miles were rough gravel track. Bodie is now a National Park and as we got to the end of the track we reached the gate only to be told that the park would be closing in 15mins and it wouldnt be worth the entry cost. We were allowed to pull forward and take some photos from the gate which we did.

We drove back and past the motel to a small sleepy fisherman town called Bridgeport which is located between the Bridgeport Reservoir and twin lakes. The main and only road that went through the town was as wide as a UK motorway. We stopped at a small burger joint and had some dinner.

Not a hugely interesting day today but we covered a lot of miles and the scenery was stunning.


Total Mileage: 3388 miles


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