Day 19: Touristy Stuff in San Francisco

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No driving to do today, Horray!

We got up and CJ went outside to call his folks and I went for a stroll down to the bay where I could see the Golden Gate Bridge, it was partly hidden by fog but it still looked cool. I stopped at Starbucks and picked up some coffees as there was no way I was drinking coffee out of the machine in the hotel. We attempted to make tea in it last night and with powdered creamer it was the worst cup of tea I have ever drank. I threw mine away and made a coffee which was pretty disgusting too.

Once I returned and CJ finished his call we walked up Lombard Street and stopped at a tiny cafe called Cafe Golo which I had read some good reviews for. The place was really small with about six tables and we took a window table. I had blueberry pancakes and OJ and CJ had Granola and OJ. I liked the place, it felt a bit quirky but the two stuff were a couple of old ladies who were really friendly.

After breakfast we continued up Lombard Street and then turned towards the bay. We walked through Fishermans Wharf which is a tourist hotspot with lots of souvenir shops, I bought a SF hoodie. We bought some cable car passes and took the cable car to Market Street. The cable cars grip a cable that runs through the center of the road and have seating that faces out to the sidewalk, you can also stand on a ledge on the side of the car.

Market street is a long road that contains various high end shops and also a Mall. This was actually a Mall I wanted to visit as it contained the 49ers Team Shop. Once we found the shop I chatted to an assistant who seemed really pleased to meet me and hear about how I was a fan. I showed him a picture of me in my Wolverines shirt and he seemed really happy, he was a really nice guy and was really passionate about the 49ers. I bought a 2016 season training hoodie and a cap.

From Market Street we walked to Union Square as I had spotted a Cheesecake Factory from the cable car which was a place CJ wanted to visit in Vegas but didnt get an opportunity to. It was at the top of the Macy’s building on the 7th floor so we road the elevator and joined a queue to receive a pager. We stood on the balcony watching Union Square from above until our pager buzzed so we returned to the desk to be told to stand and wait for a server. It was 2pm so probably their busiest time. Eventually we got a table and I ordered cherry cheesecake and a tropical smoothy and CJ ordered keylime cheesecake and a strawberry smoothy. The smoothy was lovely but I was a bit disappointed with the cheesecake, it was ok but not as amazing as I was lead to believe. Ive had better cheesecake.

We walked to the end of Market street and hopped back on the cable car but this time it was on a different line so we intended to get off at Powell street and change lines to ride back to Lombard street. Three full cable cars passed us at Powell street before we decided to just walk back, it didnt look that far on Google maps. It wasnt that far but it involved walking up a hill that was at at least a 45 degree angle and ended in the worlds crookedest street which is the one with the switchbacks.

We picked up our laundry which seems to be all there and was a bargain at $13, showered and then went out to find dinner. We chose a place called Super Duper Burgers and true to their name, they were super duper burgers.


Total Mileage: 3677 miles

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