Day 21: Going Home

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Our trip has come to its end.

We got up fairly late or at least late for us on this trip at around 9am and walked up Lombard Street to the IHOP again. I had eggs bacon and toast and banana and nutella crepes and CJ had the same but with Pancakes instead of crepes. They were pretty good and set us up nicely for an expected long day.

Our checkout time was 12pm and our flight wasnt until 4.30 so we had some time to kill so we walked back down to Fishermans Wharf to pick up some last minute souveniers

We set off for the airport and despite taking a couple of wrong turns looking for the rental drop off, we arrived in good time and said goodbye to the Jeep which has transported us across the country. I am now sitting in the departure lounge watching the clock tick before we get on the plane for a 10hour flight back home.

Its been a great few weeks and the scenery and people we have met have been amazing. I think CJ and I have done well not to kill each other after we discovered each others annoying habits. I am looking forward to getting home and seeing my family and sleeping in my own bed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and have felt like you were along on this adventure with us.

Final Mileage: 3711 miles.

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  1. Great posts John! How much roughly did you spend the entire trip? Gas included?

    Doing something similar myself in the next few days!


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